"Nurturing land, nourishing people"

Food Next Door matches under-utilised farmland with landless farmers to support small-scale regenerative farming, growing diverse crops & engaging people from diverse backgrounds to supply food to local households.

Food Next Door is an initiative with the goal of relieving the suffering or distress suffered by newly arrived migrants and refugee groups, particularly those without access to land and living in rural and regional areas.

We're working hard to solve this issue by supporting these groups to re-engage in farming and grow food, including their traditional foods.

This will be achieved by, amongst other things:

Our secondary objects are to:

Pilot Projects

Food Next Door’s vision is for under-utilised and vacant farmland to be transformed into productive foodscapes using regenerative farming practices.

We are establishing a community demonstration farm based in Mildura, north-west Victoria, to progress this vision.

What's a Co-Op?

Co-operatives are organisations owned by members for the benefit of members.

They are different from other organisations because their priority is to have social and economic impact. Food Next Door also aims to have an environmental impact.

Co-ops around the world are guided by the Co-Operative Principles, which include democracy, open and inclusive voluntary membership, concern for community, and education.

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In The News

We’re picking up plenty of media coverage in our mission. Check out what’s being said!
Notice of a Special General Meeting of Food Next Door Co-op Ltd
Members are advised that a Special General Meeting will be held on Thursday 27 October 2022 at 5pm at SMECC, to adopt amended Rules, as discussed at the Annual General Meeting.

Mildura community water bank

Mildura Community Water Bank helps small-scale farmers access an affordable price on water to help them grow organic, sustainable produce without the pressures of commodified water pricing.

“This project is very important for the local community, helping the small-scale farmers to get access to affordable irrigation water for their farms to produce local fresh crops, to produce vegetables at a reasonable price that is affordable by everyone.”

– Jules Kangeta, Project Manager

Our Values


Food Next Door works to care for the land through growing, distributing and sharing food.


We work to build community through growing, distributing and sharing food.


We include people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, religious beliefs, gender and sexual identity, and age, who contribute as farmer and producer, consumer,
volunteer and landholder-members.

We welcome contributions from all Co-op members.


We respect and acknowledge the knowledge and skills of all members. We respect and acknowledge the Traditional Owners on whose land we work. 

We recognise their knowledge and skills in actively managing our land and waters for millennia. 


We seek ways to work together.

Our Team

We’re run by community minded leaders – Passionate, Knowledgable and Hardworking.
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Darryl Lang photo

Darryl Lang


Jennifer Douglas photo

Jennifer Douglas

Director & Landholder

Peter Webb Photo

Peter Webb

Grower's Mentor

Rob Brown


Ben Dunn Photo

Ben Dunn


Jane MacAllister

Jane MacAllister

Executive Officer

Joel Sindayigaya


Reece Cameron Photo

Reece Cameron


Our Advisory Board

Click on the respective photgraphs to learn more about our dynamic Advisory Board.
Deborah Bogenhuber Photo

Deborah Bogenhuber

Advisory Board Member

Dr Fabiola Barba Ponce photo

Dr Fabiola Barba Ponce

Advisory Board Member

Dr Natarsha Klocker

Dr Natascha Klocker

Advisory Board Member

Dr Sidsel Grimstad photo

Dr Sidsel Grimstad

Advisory Board Member

Olivia Dun photo

Olivia Dun

Advisory Board Member

Sam Byrne

Sam Byrne

Advisory Board Member

food next door
gratefully acknowledges our supporters & partners

food next door

We invite you to learn more
about our funding partners:


Sustainable Table is a non-for-profit organisation dedicated to helping people make the connection between food on their plates and the state of our planet.

They work with philanthropic communities to fund projects with organisations such as Food Next Door & Mildura Community Water Bank.

Read more about Food Next Door's involvement with Sustainable Table here.

Read more about Mildura Community Water Bank's involvement with Sustainable Table here.


FRRR A not-for-profit organisation, connecting common purposes and funding from government, business and philanthropy with the genuine local needs of rural people and places.

Since their start in 2000, they’ve delivered $135 million to more than 12,000 projects.

Read more about FRRR here.

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